Consulting (institutionalization)

Create a true corporate objectives and define the right path for achieving this goal, the Company ensures that strategies are constructed in this direction, they are:

• "Strategic Management": our solutions with the Vision, Mission and Values Studies, Product or Brand Positioning Studies, new product development, market, segment and target market analysis studies, Group synergies and productivity-raising activities, such as in many areas of "strategic management processes" we contribute.

• "Operational Improvement Management": our solutions work more efficiently with the corporate culture, mainly offer standards development work. Solutions contained in coaching, consulting, workshops and facilitation methods and our customers are involved in the process, you recognize and facilitate strategy development processes, we have the assurance of the accuracy of the work.

• Sectors and areas of expertise we have experienced and strong staff of consultants. Turkey's leading companies, Corporate Governance, Strategy and Competency Development provide consulting services in the areas we have many. More than 6 main topics of our consultancy services' also offer:

• Management: Creating Company vision & mission & values, company strategy development, corporate culture to promote.

• Sales: Sales Strategies Creation, Sales Organization, Sales Process Design, Restructuring, Sales Organization for Competency Development, Tactical Sales Plan Development.

• Marketing: Brand Building, Marketing Strategy Creation, Marketing Process Design, Marketing Organization Restructuring, Marketing Team Competency Development, Strategic Marketing Plan Preparation.

• Human Resources: Process Design (Recruitment, Career Planning, Performance and so on.), Restructuring, Competency Development.

• Training and Development: Needs Analysis, Development Planning, Assessment and Evaluation, Internal Trainer Development, Corporate Structuring Academy.

• Workshops and Facilitation: we serve institutions "strategy development" processes "workshops" and "facilitator" are included with the application. Institutions for various reasons, have difficulty in reaching conclusions on issues "facilitator" would take on the role. We have served the diverse needs of all our customers in the areas of "facilitator" for the needs we have carried out with structured workshops.


• Training (Personal Development)

• Use our Consultants competence development solutions for the most important of the main methods of "classroom training" method. Engineered specifically for our training needs of companies "in-house" as we serve.

• Training our Customer Satisfaction, Sales, Marketing, Effective Communication, Leadership, Motivation, Team Work, Corporate Culture and institutionalization under the headings give. To the needs of the companies we work in parallel with one or more of these issues can create programs.

• Educational institutions, specifically designing our managers and employees to evaluate our needs analysis based on the results of the survey are preparing training programs, training practices as a result of the measurement, feedback and reporting are done in the form.

• Our training will provide participants with • the development of competencies we're looking at four main sections, and we define it as a pyramid of competence development. People on the bottom rung of the pyramid of self-government, while the upward relationship management, people management and business management are the steps.


Law Certificate Programs:

The country's Law faculty of leading university and expert lawyers seminars on the following topics given by and certificate programs we offer.

Information and Technology Law Certificate Program

Energy Law Certificate Program

Certificate Program in Real Property Law

Business Law Certificate Program

Media Law Certificate Program

Health Law Certificate Program

Contract Law Certificate Program

Sports Law Certificate Program

Consumer Law Certificate Program




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